SSAS process progress window showing measures processing inside of dimension processing

It has been a while since I wrote my last article in here. Not because I was uninterested but because I have been the busiest I have ever been these past few years. These past few years, I have been tasked with the most complex/complete mandates I have ever been on. I have also been tasked with mentoring clients, coworkers as well as becoming a manager. I have learned A LOT to say the least and now that it is all winding down, I plan on releasing quite a few blog posts on the many challenges that I faced and how I overcame them. Stay tuned, this blog is about to get a bit more crowded 🙂

I recently encountered a harmless, but annoying nonetheless, little issue presenting itself when we were processing a SSAS cube or a SSAS database. In the process progress window, we were seeing the processing of measure groups of the cube inside/under the processing of a dimension. Normally, measure groups and dimensions processing are cleanly separated in the visual treeview of the processing progress window.

I was 100% confident that this was not causing other issues because the values while browsing the cube were accurate and all dimensions were properly slicing and dicing.

Although it was harmless, if you are like me – curious and like for thing to get done right, this seems peculiar enough to spend time understanding what exactly is going on.

It turns out that the person that originally created the cube had named both a dimension and the cube itself with the same name. Once created, the given name becomes the “ID” property of a given object. In this case, both a dimension and the cube were named “Reservation”.

It turns out that when processing a cube, the treeview of the process progress window uses this “ID” property to group progress and display them under parent objects (dimensions or Cube). Given that 2 objects had the same “ID”, and the first being processed was, naturally, a dimension, when the measure groups of the cube started processing, the treeview simply grouped the feedback/progress of the measure groups under the object of the same “ID”: under the dimension.



To correct this, just make sure that you give unique names across dimensions, cubes and measure groups. Then everything falls into place as it’s supposed to be.


If, like me, the cube is already created (which is likely the case – You processed the cube to experience this behavior. It is thus, already created!) you can just open a given object by right-clicking and selecting view code and then searching and replacing as needed.

Warning: Make sure to have a backup of your solution before proceeding with the search/replace inside the xml code approach!

Let me know if you experienced this behavior or any other similar ones!


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