Fresh Start

Well, after having used this blog for personal purposes and having posted a whopping 6 posts in about 5 years,  I decided to try this thing again.

This time around, I will be writting in english.  Why?  Because I willl be writting mostly about Business Intelligence (what I do for work) and since it’s a computer subject, it HAS to be in english 🙂  … and also the potential audience is much wider.

I must admit I’m far from being even a moderatly good writter but hopefully, this will help me practice.

I intend to write about stuff I discover at work and use this blog as my personal reminder.  If it helps anyone, I’ll be very happy, but to start with, I’ll just write for myself.  I’ll be writing about BI in general when applicable but mostly on the tools I use and specialize in: the SQL Server BI Suite.

So here we go, I’ve done my spring cleaning and deleted all my (very) old posts except one which is still pertinent.

So here goes… Let’s see where this takes me!


Posted on April 16, 2012, in Personal. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Good luck with the revived Blog Dave. 🙂

  2. Thanks RP! It’s been a while since we talked!

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